Welcome to MLO (My Lodge Organist) Tour.

My Lodge Organist (MLO) Tour

was created to assist Lodge and Chapters to bring music back to Lodge ritual. If we examine the ritual from days long gone, up to today, Music is supposed to play a major part in all Masonic ritual.

Unfortunately due to memberships at individual lodges getting smaller, often times a Lodge is without an Organist.

What if your Lodge could have an organist that never rests, never gets sick, never leaves and is always ready and on call? Sweet right?

Well MLO is here to help. There are some sample players below. The tour is just a few examples but much, much more is inside.

Lodge ritual music is listed by line so it’s totally controlled and easy to play and stop when needed.

Some music is organized into playlists or players. These players will play all the listed music one after another and then loop back to the beginning. Excellent for background music while members assemble or after lodge is closed and members linger. These players can be popped out of the page so no matter where you go online or on the PC/Tablet/smartphone the player is  always there and ready.

So give it a test drive and have a listen. I think you will find that the music is of good or excellent quality and more will be added all the time. Continue the tour below…

Individual Player for Ritual

These are a few examples of individual player selections. Just click play on either the title or the button to start play. Push pause or another selection to stop play. These do not loop and will only play once, unless clicked again. The selections are grouped by degree or part of the ritual, but you can select any order you like. Times are shown next to the selection and you can choose which ever is best for the moment.


      FC Peramb JW to SW - FC JW to SW - 17 secs

      Benifit of Prayer - Candidates to West- 21 seconds

A Sample Playlist for continuous play.

This is and example of a playlist. Playlists are music that has been put in an automated list. Push play on the player to start, push pause to stop. You can also click on any of the selection to start them. Once started the player wil play all the selections on the list in turn and then loop back to the beginning and start all over until stopped.

The player can also be “popped out” to a new window so you can change screens or see other pages or websites and have the player remain to play music.


Just Click the Sign up above or the Purchase menu at the top and in seconds you’ll have access to all the Lodge music you will need.